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Why can’t my cat be this cool

Señor Gif: How Chill is This High-Five Cat?

Do not lie to me tumblr

I don’t know, I think it’s rather flattering.
jesus god can I please get more of these

Obviously the only way to wear a shirt.
Men of Tumblr…

The men of tumblr win

i could dig it. 

Seem’s legit tbf

Boy, this look is fabulous but I can’t seem to get the bow just right.
At first I was mad because I thought I looked ugly

But I simply added a cute jacket and I became glamorous!

Why are these guys doing this?

I mean, why even try, when the baddest bitch is right here?

This made my night.
You are all my heroes.

I think this short sleeve makes me look slutty.
^ Brb dying. x’DDD
If you live by a message live by this one
Cam’on admit it, we all know someone who is really smart, yet is actually incredibly stupid 
We all want to do this to someone 

Perfection is created by the little things

When i see the teacher gave me a bad grade on my late bio work and says its late so i gave you a 20


im like this


and then in my head im like “im gunna kill you!

but in reality i just give him a dirty look

then he tells me i should get my other late assignment so then in my head im like


but no, im like this..


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